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Ezine Delivery: Subscriber Responsibility

Let's assume that as an email newsletter publisher, you are doing everything in your power to assure the delivery of your ezine to your subscribers' inboxes. At some point, as publishers, we have to accept that we're doing what we can, and ask our subscribers to take some responsibility in the process.

Double Opt-In
One of the complaints I've heard from ezine publishers is that potential subscribers are not following through in the double opt-in process. They fill out your subscription form, but then they don't respond to the confirmation email they receive.

If a potential subscriber is not willing to confirm a double opt-in request, what makes you think they are going to read your ezine? If they couldn't take the time to reply to a 2 sentence opt-in request, why would they take the time to read your content?

Don't sweat the folks who don't follow through on the double opt-in; they probably weren't likely to actually read your ezine to begin with.

Adding Your Address to Their Address Books
When someone clicks the "submit" button on your subscription form, they are taken to a web page. It's a good idea to post to this page an advisory to add your "from" address to their address books. If they take this action, you are more likely to end up in their inboxes with many ISPs. Again, it's up to your subscribers to take this action, so remind them to add your address to their address books, safelists, whitelists, etc. frequently without being obnoxious about it.

We found a great resource that instructs subscribers on how to add you to their address book here. Why not put a link to this guide by your subscription form, on your website, and even in your ezine itself?

Asking your subscribers to take these steps will support you and your host in the successful delivery of your ezine.

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