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Standing Apart From The Crowd With Your Email Newsletter

Newsletters; Everybody has one. How are you going to stand apart from the crowd? One trick is to be unique. Below you will find some pointers.

Be Different
Try to say something new. There is really no limit to the ways to present your content. I created my first ezine, The Weekly Wake Up, by doing something that I love, and then putting it out to the world. Every issue was a unique piece of my digital art with an inspiring quote integrated into it. It received a lot of attention as a result of its unique nature.

Offer What You Enjoy
You can publish an ezine on Tweeting because it's a hot topic. Or, you can offer an ezine on gardening because you love to garden. The latter is going to be more charismatic because of your passion for gardening.

Create Compelling Ezine Promotions
Speak to your target audience with your promotions. For example, for the Weekly Wake Up my ads could have said "a fractal art and quote ezine." BORING! What they did end up saying is "It's like a shot of wheatgrass for your soul." Intriguing, inviting, and targeting my audience!

Be Consistent
If you say you are a monthly, publish monthly. If you're a weekly, publish weekly. If you need to take a break, let your readers know. Don't just disappear.

Offer Valuable Content When Appropriate
While your newsletter is primarily a sales vehicle, it doesn't have to appear to be so. Offer compelling content when appropriate that truly brings value to your readers. Keep your sales pitches in balance with your content.

Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers
Receiving emails of gratitude and appreciation from your subscribers means the world. Take the time to respond to each one personally. Nothing says "I don't care about you" like an autoresponder when you reach out to a newsletter publisher.

Don't Limit Yourself
Do what you enjoy. Be creative. Follow newsletter publishing 'best practices' but use your imagination.

Ask Your Subscribers What They Want
You may be surprised at how willingly your readers will tell you what they want. It's up to you to ask. Of course, don't bombard them with polls, etc, but don't be afraid to ask them what they want.

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