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From Who? Carefully Select Your Email Newsletter's From Address

There are many factors that determine open rates for your email newsletters. Research indicates that over 50% of recipients choose to open an email newsletter based on the combination of the sender's "From" address and the Subject Line of the email.

1) Chances are your Subscribers' email programs only display the From email address, without a name. As such, don't pick an address that is cryptic such as,,,,

Instead, pick a from address that describes the purpose of your newsletter. Good examples are and

2) Only use a person's name if it will be recognized by your subscribers. Example: is great if everyone knows and loves Bob. If nobody knows who the heck Bob is, your subscribers are likely to mark the email as junk/spam.

3) Try to use a From address that aligns with what people signed up for when they subscribed. Again, is way better than A clear From address will create a recognition of who you are and where they signed up from.

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