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How to Avoid Publishing Burnout

So you've done it. You've started an ezine, you've got subscribers, and you've been publishing for a while. Wait! What's that ahead? It's a brick wall, and your inspiration is headed straight for it!

It's not uncommon to hit burnout with any creative project. Below you will find some pointers on how to avoid burnout as well as how to ride the burnout wave when it arises.

Under Commit
You may be all excited about your ezine at the beginning and think that you can pull off a weekly. However, a year or so into it, the burnout demon may rear its ugly head. Avoid this by under committing at the get go. If you think you have it in you to create a weekly, make it a bi-weekly or monthly instead.

Have Content Reserves
Set aside time every month or so to create reserve issues of your newsletter. This way, when you're experiencing burnout, you'll have ezine issues to call on.

Run "Special Re-run" Issues
If you're in a bind for content, re-publish some of your hottest issues. Of course, you don't want to lean on this practice, but it's great for moments like summer breaks and what not.

Let Go Of Control
Just because it is your newsletter doesn't mean that you can't have "guest writers." Start a collection of guest content that you have permission to use and save it for a rainy burnout day.

Have Advertising Reserves
Scrambling at the last minute for ads only amplifies your burnout. Have reserves of advertisements and affiliate programs in your toolbox.

Let Your Readers Know That You Are Taking A Break
If you find it necessary to take a break, let your readers know. Don't just disappear; this will affect your credibility.

Use an Ezine Hosting / Broadcasting System That Allows Queuing
Some hosting services like offer queuing. This allows you to pre-schedule your ezines for automatic sending on a date and time that you specify. Use this tool if it is available.

Do What You Enjoy
When you launch your newsletter, make sure it is a topic that you enjoy. This will help prevent burnout in the future.

Get Your Subscribers To Write Your Content
It's OK to survey your readers about relevant topics and then present their responses as content. Just don't lean on them.

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