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Help Your Subscribers Add Your Address to Their Address Books

There are so many factors that determine the deliverability of your email newsletter. While your ezine host has hopefully put everything in to place on their end to facilitate this, your subscribers hold the last piece of the puzzle: adding your 'from' address to their email's address book.

Help Them Help You Help Them
We highly recommend that you encourage your subscribers and potential subscribers to add your 'from' address - the email address you will be sending your email newsletter from - to their email address book. We found this great link that you can link to in order to help them add you.

We recommend that you remind your subscribers frequently to add you to their address books. To this end, consider placing links to this guide near your subscription form, on your website and even in your ezine itself. Be creative in how you word your link. For example, in 2007 when this guide was first published, best selling author Tony Robbins directed his subscribers to the guide with this text "Ensure delivery–add Tony to your address book". Of course, don't copy Mr. Robbins wording, please make it your own, but we offer his wording as an example. He placed these links on the top right of his newsletter, above the HTML header image.

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