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Are you Listed on the Almond Board of California Pollination Directory?

The Almond Board of California has re-structured our Pollination Directory located on the Board’s website. The Pollination Directory contains information for California almond growers to use as a valuable resource for beekeepers and bee brokers. In order to provide a useful tool to our industry members, your assistance is needed to ensure the information is current.

Please log on to the Almond Board of California Pollination Directory by following the link below.

Select Almond Pollination Directory

Select your respective bee affiliation from the list of options on the left under “Additional Resources” (e.g., Beekeepers, Bee Brokers at the bottom of the list)

If your business is currently on the website, please review your information and submit any changes that need to be made by selecting the “Update Beekeeper Info” button on the bottom left (in orange)

[if !supportLists]· If If you are not on the site, and would like to participate, please select the “Update Beekeeper Info” button on the bottom left (in orange) and complete the form. Please note: business descriptions may be edited at the discretion of the Almond Board.

We would like the directory information to be current for the upcoming 2014 bloom, so please act now.

If you have any questions about the Pollination Directory or need assistance adding your information to the website, please call Debye Hunter at 209.343.3230 or e-mail her at

Thank you for your participation and best wishes on a successful almond pollination season.

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