CATCH THE BUZZ - Illegal Pesitcides In Hives Means Trouble EZezine



By Alan Harman


Two Canadian beekeepers have been fined $35,200 (US$33,900) by Health Canada for using unregistered pest control products in their beehives in an attempt to kill invading mites.

   The Edmonton Journal reports Russell Severson of Camrose and Miedema Honey Farm Inc. of Barrhead were fined after they used products on their hives in Alberta with the active ingredient amitraz.

   It is an insecticide that is approved for use in Canada, but only in registered products. It is found in flea and tick collars for dogs.

   Miedema was given two violations; one a C$4,000 (US$3,850) fine for the use of an unregistered product and the other for importing a product that contained thymol.

   Six notices of violation were handed out to Severson for a total fine of C$31,200 (US$30,050) for using an unregistered product.

   Folkert Miedema told the newspaper he used the product Taktic, which is sold in Australia, as a way to combat the mites.

   “It is used all over the United States and beekeepers in Canada use it too,” Miedema said.

   He said Taktic was much more effective than products approved for use in Canada.

   Alberta provincial apiculturist Medhat Nasr told the newspaper issues of non-compliance with federal law have to be taken seriously.

   “Some of these guys use word of mouth and don’t know how much of the product to apply and how to handle pesticides,” he said. “The danger is in three things – risk for the applicators themselves, risk for the honey, and risk for the bees.”


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