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Véto-pharma Names Phillip Craft as Apivar's® U.S. Technical Advisor


New York, NY –April 2, 2013 –Véto-pharma S.A., the French veterinary

pharmaceutical company specializing in honey bee health, announced today

that Phillip Craft, former state apiarist for the Kentucky Department of

Agriculture, has been named to the new position of U.S. technical advisor for

Véto-pharma's Apivar® honeybee miticide product line.


“Phil has worked with beekeepers, beekeepers' organizations, apiculture

extension specialists and scientists for more than a decade, and is very familiar

with the needs of commercial and hobbyist beekeepers," says José Nobre,

Véto-pharma's president and chief executive officer. "With his strong track

record as an educator and communicator, Phil will be an excellent liaison

between Véto-pharma and its U.S. customer base, working with our distributors

and beekeeper associations to foster healthy apiaries nation-wide."


Craft served as Kentucky's state apiarist from 1999 through 2011. He is a past

president and past chairman of the Heartland Apicultural Society, past program

chairman of the Eastern Apicultural Society, and past president of the Apiary

Inspectors of America. He earned a Bachelor's degree in biology from Oberlin

College in Ohio, and a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the

University of Kentucky.


During his tenure as state apiarist, Craft helped establish a network of six

beekeeping schools and expand the number of local beekeeper associations in

Kentucky from 15 in 1999 to more than 40 in 2011. He created a web site,, and an email newsletter that have attracted a large

audience of beekeepers across the U.S. He writes a monthly education column

for Bee Culture magazine, and is a popular speaker at beekeeping events

across the country.


 “Phil’s broad beekeeping knowledge, proven communications skills, and

success in helping apiarists advance the science of beekeeping will be a

tremendous asset to our expansion in North America,”Nobre added. "We are

very pleased that Phil will represent Véto-pharma's interests in the U.S. and

help uphold our commitment to apiarists and honey bee health."


Apivar is a miticide used to treat honey bee colonies for Varroa mites, one of

the leading causes of global honey bee population decline and a contributing

factor in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Apivar kills up to 99 percent of

Varroa mites in one application; it has proven safe and effective for more than

15 years; it leaves no significant residues in hive products; and, it is convenient

and easy to use. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency granted Section 3

registration approval to Apivar on March 11, 2013.


"I have been a beekeeper for almost 20 years and enjoy interacting with fellow

beekeepers," Craft said. "With the increasing challenges beekeepers face

today, I think we owe it to the bees— and to ourselves— to use every tool

available to keep honey bee colonies healthy. Apivar is an excellent solution to

a serious problem, so I'm very pleased to help people use it to its very best



Véto-pharma S.A. is a veterinary pharmaceutical company that develops and

markets innovative products to help commercial and hobbyist beekeepers

prevent and control hive diseases and improve honey bee health. Véto-pharma's

products are sold to beekeepers through distributors in North America, Europe

and Asia. Headquartered in Paris, the Company's U.S. operations are based in

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