Bee Friendly Farming™ Initiative Announces New Website


The new Partners for Sustainable Pollination, “PfSP”, website is up and running at pfspbees.org


PfSP founder Kathy Kellison urges fellow beekeepers and other supporters to check out the new website, which showcases an interactive map for the nonprofit’s Bee Friendly Farming™ (BFF) initiative and makes it easier to get certified and put on the map.  In addition to the participant’s name, a web link and up to three images can be displayed for each BFF™ location.  There’s also a new BFF™ Blog where participants can meet other Bee Friendly Farmers and share ideas about how to help the bees and pollinators.  BFF™ metal signs and other materials that are available to participants at cost are in popular demand.


The BFF™ initiative recognizes Bee Friendly practices by anyone who supports bees and pollinators on all scales of landscape: vineyards, farms, ranches, businesses, school groups, gardeners, beekeepers, local governments, non-profit organizations, on both private and public grounds.   The easily recognizable BFF logo gives consumers a way to help bees and pollinators by purchasing fruits and vegetables from agricultural working lands meeting the certification criteria.  PFSP uses funds from annual certification fees to provide grants to growers wishing to provide more nutritious plants for bees and other pollinators.

BFF™ is rapidly taking root throughout the U.S. and Canada with over to 250 certifications that include participants in over 40 states and 5 Canadian provinces.   Last year, Seeds of Diversity Canada joined as a valued ally in the BFF™ initiative enabling the program to become an international campaign.

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