Drought monitor information … Dry in the west, better in the east

Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:13:23 EST
Drought improved in central and southern Georgia and South Carolina and in south Florida, as well as eastern Texas, the Texas Panhandle and central Arizona. Drought got worse in northern and central Florida, south Texas and the Oklahoma Panhandle, and a new area of abnormal dryness, the precursor to drought, was introduced in northern California. Drought over the Plains was unchanged. Over the next week to ten days, several storm systems are anticipated to come out of the Southwest and onto the Plains. The moisture associated with these storms may not make it into the frozen ground, but the runoff associated with them will improve some of the reservoir, pond, and lake levels that are also hurting. The winter precipitation deficits are so great throughout the Plains that as we get closer to the spring thaw, we would need several storms to make a significant dent in the ongoing drought. For a good look at the Drought monitor map for the next several months, follow the link below.


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