What Better Place Could A Beekeeper Be?


The newly established Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute of Wine and Food Sciences will be hosting its premier event at the University of California at Davis, October 27th.


Bounty of Pollination: More than just Honey will feature award winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg whose film 'The Beauty of Pollination' has had well over 23 MILLION views!

Also speaking at the event will be Neal Williams, Assistant Proffesor at the University whose specialty is native crop pollinators.


Addtional speakers include: Amina Harris Executive Director of the Center; Harvinar Singh, Local Forager for Whole Foods Markets in Northern California, Julie Loke, Teaching Kitchen Educator at the Davis Food Coop and Victoria Wojcik, Associate Program Manager of the Pollinator Partnership.


A wonderful reception will follow the program with honey wine tasting, varietal honey tasting, the 2nd Annual 'Best Honey' contest, a display from shields Library and the Bohart Insect Museum and MUCH more!


For more information contact: Kim Bannister at kbannister@ucdavis.edu

or go to the Mondavi Website: http://rmi.ucdavis.edu/events


Goals of the fledgling center include:

            • Expand research and education concerning nutrition, health, quality and appreciation of honey

            • Develop useful information for California’s agricultural bounty that depends on insect pollination

            • Help the honey industry establish labeling guidelines to guarantee pure and unadulterated varietal honey

            • Coordinate a multidisciplinary team of experts in honey production, pollination and bee health

            • Promote the use of locally procured honey in the home, food industry and restaurants.


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