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Pollinating Almonds?

Getting Into California Isn’t Any Easier, But At Least There’s Water This year, If You Bring Your Own Hose…


The California State Beekeeper’s Association (CSBA) is aware of the many challenges beekeepers experience when entering California at the local border stations. Loads have been forced to sit for long periods of time at inspection stations without adequate irrigation to keep loads cool while waiting.


Over the last year CSBA has worked diligently with the Department of Food and Agriculture’s staff in an effort aimed at reducing the delays at the stations and increasing your access to water to irrigate and keep cool the bees on your trucks.   In order to address the immediate need for water to keep your loads cool during the inspection, the Department has agreed to increase the number of water hose bibs at each station.  However, it is important for drivers to carry additional hoses to spray their own loads. 


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing-fiscal crisis in California, the Department has been unable to increase staff at the stations during peak season or to create a new program to expedite the pest inspections that may be contributing to the delays at the border stations. 


Now, more than ever, it is extremely important for beekeepers to have their loads CLEAN, of dirt or anything else that might look suspicious before approaching a border station to reduce your inspection time.


CSBA will continue to work with both the state and the almond industry in an effort to address these on-going challenges at the border stations in the future.


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